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Q: On which TV/BD-Player models can I install this app?

A: Please look into this overview or this one (which is for US models but the model names in other countries differ not much; E(S)-Series models are not included yet) whether the app is already available for your device. You can identify the Series by checking the name, e.g. BD-ES6000 is E(S)-Series, BD-D5300 is D-Series, UE46C7700 is C-Series. 

In general we can say that the app is available on all C-Series (2010) devices which have the Internet@TV feature, on all D-Series (2011) / E(S)-Series (2012) devices which have the SmartHub feature.


Q: How can I find out whether this app is available in my country?

A: You can check here if the app is available in your country.


Q: How can I find out what model, device series / year my device is (within the app)?

A: Go to Preferences -> About Plex. You will find additional information under System Information.


Q: How can I install an update from the app?

A: If an update is available your device will install it automatically when you start the app.


Q: Can I create my own skins or add skins to the app?

A: This is not possible and probably will never be. We will add in the future more views for each section.


Q: How I can switch between different audio languages or enable subtitles?

A: While you are playing video push the GREEN button on your remote. A new OSD will appear on the right side and there you can change your audio language and choose your subtitles if your video has some. Note: Audio track change is only possible on 2011+ devices.


Q: What kind of subtitles do you support?

A: At the moment only external .srt subtitles are supported. This means the subtitle file must be in the same folder as the video file. Also important is the naming from the subtitle file. It must have the same name as the video file + language information. A sample would be - video filename: Kung.Fu.Panda.2.2011.1080p.mkv , subtitle filename: Kung.Fu.Panda.2.2011.1080p.english.srt.

Embedded subtitles are not support from Samsung's SDK so we can't add this support.


Q: Jump Forward / Jump to work's only at the beginning of the video.

A: The problem could be that your file is one of the special cases where the Samsung API get's the wrong TotalTime. So we built a workaround for this case that you still can enjoy your whole video. The downsize is, when you reach the point where the current time is higher than the wrong total time from Samsung that you can't Jump Forward, Jump To or Fast Forward higher than 2x. Because if we would allow it, the player would stop the video immidiately.

A sample would be my file is 60min long. Samsung API thinks my file is only 30min long. I can Jump Forward when my current time is less than 30min. If my current time is 31min Jump Forward is disabled.

You could check this when you enable that the app sends his debug data to your PMS. Go to Preferences -> General -> Send debug to PMS. You can find your logfile here Error Reporting. In the log file search for NEW Total Time.


Q: The app resumes my file at the wrong time.

A: Most likely the problem is like above, that you are playing a file with that the Samsung API has its problems. Lets take that sample from above. When you stop your movie at 40min and you want to resume it the app will resume it at 30min. I can't change/ fix this. So when you start watching a special file you should watch it till the end.


Q: Does your app support 3D content?

A: Yes, the app supportes Half SBS and Half TAB content. The app switches automatically in 3D mode when it detects 3D content but this works only if you name your files correctly.  You must include in the filename H-SBS or Half-SBS for Side-By-Side content and H-TAB or Half-TAB for Top-And-Bottom content. This is not case sensitive. An example as filename would be: Kung.Fu.Panda.2.2011.half-sbs.1080p.mkv.

You can check under Preferences -> About Plex -> Systeminformation if your device supports 3D


Q: Can I play .iso files or VIDEO_TS folders?

A: Some .iso files might work on 2011+ models but VIDEO_TS folders won't work. Also it's not possible to navigate through the menu from your DVD. For .iso files it won't be possible to change the audio. You can use 3rd party tools like MakeMKV to migrate some media into mkv containers which then could be played back using the Plex client on Samsung TVs. 


Q: My videos are stuttering.

A: If you are trying to play a 1080p movie than make sure your TV/BD-Player is connected via LAN and not WLAN. If this still doesn't help or you experience stutter with SD files change the Buffer settings manually.


Q: My movie is splitted into 2 files and the app plays only the first one, why is that?

A: The app doesn't know that your movie is splitted so the easiest way for you is to join the two files into one. You can do this with mkvtoolnix. I can't say if this ever will be supported.


Q: I have two version (720p, 1080p) for my movie but your app doesn't offer me to choose one.

A: It's the same as with the splitted movie the app doesn't know that you have two versions so it always plays the first one.


Q: Does your app support DTS, Dolby Digital (AC3), PCM?

A: Yes, of course your model has to support those audio formats but as far as I know all Samsung devices do this.


Q: What kind of files can this app play?

A: It depends on what your device is capable of. If it confirms to the specs in this list, you can expect it to play without problems.


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I have the App via the develop IP...and now I download the current version to my iMac., where is located the PMS....How can i put this new version of the Widget to my Samsung (55C800)?.

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