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Buffer settings

Page history last edited by Plex Samsung 10 years, 2 months ago

For slow devices (e.g. BD-D5300) I recommend to decrease the buffer sizes.


Go to Preferences -> Player and set them to:

Initial Buffer: 1MB

Pending Buffer: 1MB

Total Buffer: 1MB



For normal devices (e.g. D6500) I recommend to set the buffer to.


Go to Preferences -> Player and set them to:

Initial Buffer: 5MB

Pending Buffer: 10MB or 15MB

Total Buffer: 15MB or 20MB



For high bitrate movies (17mbps+) I recommend to increase the buffer sizes. But this doesn't work on all devices. Some just can't play high bitrate movies (e.g. BD-D5300)


Go to Preferences -> Player and set them to:

Initial Buffer: 25MB

Pending Buffer: 50MB

Total Buffer: 75MB

Comments (4)

plexuser1 said

at 3:04 pm on Jan 5, 2012

Wondering if there are any other settings I can change to help with this. Still seeing some stuttering even with higher buffer sizes than this. I know the andriod plex client automatically adjusts based on the streaming speed. Is that something that is planned for the future or can I force the client or server to hold to a lower bitrate?

plexuser1 said

at 8:20 pm on Jan 5, 2012

+1, I have set the initial buffer to 100M and it simply didn't make any difference...
The same movies play flawlessly on the iPad2 plex client...

plexuser1 said

at 1:45 am on Jan 9, 2012

I finally got rid of stuttering. Ditch WiFi and go with Ethernet or an Ethernet over power line. 100mb is enough but you need to get the Powerline speed up to at least 70mbps. Netgear Powerline has a software tool to enable QoS and you should update the firmware and the management software. If you are in an apartment turn on the Powerline security settings (encryption) or your neighbors could access. Try different power oulets and measure the bandwidth using the Powerline software. Quality should equal HD Video. Make sure power outlets are grounded and do not put Powerline in a power strip especially an advanced surge suppressor one. Plug Powerline directly into your router. Even 1080p files play well now. Samsung UN55D6000 which doesn't even have a CPU powerful enough for a web browser in SmartTV works well. Newer models with better CPU may be more forgiving on the bandwidth as the CPU can keep up.

Stuttering is a bandwidth problem and buffering made no difference for me on the older model.

plexuser1 said

at 2:08 am on Jan 9, 2012

The reason it may work on iPad is because the PMS transcodes the quality down for the iPad. The iPad is not HD and neither is the PC or Mac Plex client. But when sending to the Samsung it is full HD quality. 100Mbps is fast enough but 1000Mbps may be preferred. Unknown if all Samsung TV's or BD players even have Gigabit Ethernet ports.

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