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on October 25, 2013 at 9:35:37 am

v 1.006 - 2013-07-23

- [UPDATED] - Force local transcoding option now shows on, off or auto as text.


v 1.005 - 2013-07-16

- [FIXED] - Shared content categories without actual content will now show the default icons instead of nothing.

- [FIXED] - Queue and Recommended categories are no longer available if you do not have a local PMS defined.

- [FIXED] - The "Set as Watched/Unwatched" feature has been added to the Queue and Recommended categories.


v 1.004 - 2013-07-10

- [FIXED] - Title display in lower OSD was missing season and episode information.

- [FIXED] - After a search with no results, some buttons still worked unintentionally.

- [FIXED] - Servernames with apostrophes would show as '''.

- [FIXED] - The blue "DELETE" button kept working unintentionally after it was used once.


v 1.003 - 2013-06-26

- [FIXED] - Buffer settings have been restored to allow for higher values on high bitrate movies.

- [FIXED] - Opening mediapreview was slow or could crash with very large libraries.

- [FIXED] - Subtitles setting were not saved.

- [FIXED] - Deleting items from the queue or recommended section was not possible.

- [FIXED] - Selections made with the Alphabet feature were not stored in history.

- [FIXED] - Exiting the Alphabet selection with Return, left some keys in a locked state.

- [FIXED] - There was an unintended delay when showing description text in listview mode.

- [FIXED] - Content rating icon was not visible.

- [FIXED] - SmartHub key did not work when a popup was open.

- [UPDATED] - Force local transcoding now has 3 options: on, off or auto.

- [UPDATED] - Increased letterspacing in OSD, time was hard to read on 2012+ devices.

- [UPDATED] - Replaced the swirling loader with the loadingbar for the Slideshow.

- [UPDATED] - Autplay no longer shows the 3 second popup and starts the next item quicker.

- [UPDATED] - Autplay video nows play "back to back" without showing the Plex interface inbetween.

- [UPDATED] - More Video channels now use Direct play and start faster.

- [UPDATED] - FLV has been added to the Direct Play profiles.

- [UPDATED] - Audio output change is now triggered again after unpausing.

- [UPDATED] - Progress updates have been replaced with timeline, like other clients use.

- [UPDATED] - When media progress is over 90% of total duration, it will be marked a watched.

- [NEW] - Added paging to all mediapreview screens (Keys on TV = CHNL+/-, on BD = |<< / >>|).

- [NEW] - Added paging to all listview screens (Keys on TV = CHNL+/-, on BD = |<< / >>|).

- [NEW] - Added Alphabet selection for Music: All Artists (Keys </>)

- [NEW] - Shared Content now supports Direct Play.(set in Preferences)

- [NEW] - Added support for more types of channels.

- [NEW] - Added support for Applications section.


v 1.002 - 2013-06-06

- [FIXED] - Long loading times could occur if servers were listed but not online.

- [FIXED] - Thumbnails would not always show for myPlex items when the local server was offline.

- [FIXED] - Slideshow images could get stuck at the loading sign.

- [FIXED] - Slideshow start playback will now disable the screensaver.

- [FIXED] - Searchbox could appear for items unintended.

- [FIXED] - Pushing cancel on the onscreen keyboard could exit the app.

- [FIXED] - Entering numbers 1 or 2 would show as 1e and 2b on some devices.

- [FIXED] - Plex podcast could hang app if one would move to a different screen before buffering completed.

- [FIXED] - Resolved a nasty memory leak that could crash the app when used over a longer period of time.

- [FIXED] - Selection popup could reappear if enter was pushed in rapid succession.

- [UPDATED] - Changed buffer preferences and added auto mode.

- [UPDATED] - Background screens now do crossfade on all screens.

- [UPDATED] - Added more transparency so the posters are better visible.

- [UPDATED] - Posters and thumbnails got increased in quality.

- [UPDATED] - Changed menu animation

- [NEW] - Added a general timeout in preferences.


v 1.001 - 2013-05-11

- [REMOVED] - Autoscan has been removed, it had too many problems.

- [UPDATED] - All preference setting screens have been updated to make changing settings easier.

- [UPDATED] - Listview now also support quick scrolling when the button is held down.

- [UPDATED] - Subtitle routine has been optimized so it takes less CPU cycles.

- [FIXED] - Audio output switching sometimes failed. Bottom OSD will now show output status.

- [FIXED] - Pressing Return or Exit while a movie was buffering could create a deadlock.

- [FIXED] - Resume time would show NaNaN when resume time was null.

- [FIXED] - Content titel in OSD would sometimes show wrong name.

- [FIXED] - Listview did not wrap text correctly on long titles.

- [FIXED] - Textual bug in TV-Shows screen.

- [FIXED] - Transcoding did not work for 2010 models.

- [NEW] - Enter button can now be used to pause and resume video during playback to better support touch remotes.


v 1.000 - 2013-04-22

- [FIXED] - Autoscan timeout has been increased to better detect slow servers.

- [FIXED] - Setwatched/Unwatched was shown on irrelevant items after pushing the INFO button.


v 0.999 - 2013-03-19

- [FIXED] - New XMLHttpRequest queue to fix connection flooding and timeout errors.

- [FIXED] - Alphabet selection closed too fast, so the next selected item was activated.

- [FIXED] - A-key worked as D-key in settings.

- [FIXED] - A-key function could be activated while pop was shown.

- [FIXED] - Main screen was not always loading after autoscan.

- [FIXED] - Deleting photos didn't work on the main screen.

- [FIXED] - Incorrect options were shown for images.

- [FIXED] - Pushing left while paused, could start playback.

- [FIXED] - Cancel AutoPlay would not always cancel playback of next item.

- [FIXED] - Single movies in a folder view would not play.

- [FIXED] - Single episodes in a folder view would not play.

- [UPDATED] - Periodic refresh of the server list, has been replaced by manual action (ENTER), to reduce the number of open connections.

- [UPDATED] - Channels were not always detected.

- [UPDATED] - Autoscan would not always detect IP addresses in the high 200 range.

- [UPDATED] - Scroll speed in lists slightly increased.

- [NEW] - Added option to transcode subtitles, while transcoding embedded subs can be selected now (PGS and VOB are not supported yet).

- [NEW] - SMI subtitles are now supported.

- [NEW] - Direct Play/Transcode rules are now stored in an XML profile.


v 0.989 - 2013-03-19

- [FIXED] - Total time was displayed incorrectly in audio player.

- [FIXED] - Audio player could disappear when playing random songs in succession.

- [FIXED] - Scrolling to the left on the poster caroussel, could result in multiple focused items.

- [FIXED] - A-key registered incorrectly.

- [FIXED] - Splashscreen would not time-out when there was a known but unreachable server.

- [FIXED] - Autoplay included only visible items in the autoplay list

- [FIXED] - Autoplay did not work if there was not Media tag provided.(Old channels)

- [FIXED] - Autoscan for server could result in network congestion, resulting in server not connecting.

- [UPDATED] - Disabled focus on subtitle options when subtitles are disabled.

- [UPDATED] - Improved Direct play detection. Will fall back to transcoding if unsupported codecs are detected.

- [NEW] - While music is playing you can use FF or RW keys to skip to the next or previous song in the list.

- [NEW] - Audio player shows current song index in autoplay list.


v 0.988 - 2013-02-27

- [UPDATED] - ALL - Application is now a single page app, this should eliminate shutting down the application when pushing buttons inbetween pageloads.

- [UPDATED] - Movies/TV Shows - Screen is now scrolling and has a fast scrolling mode.

- [UPDATED] - ALL - New Volume and Mute onScreen controls.

- [UPDATED] - Autoplay wil now play any list that was present when playback was activated.

- [NEW] - Movies/TV Shows - UP/DOWN actions have been replaced with an alphabet selection, that selects items by first character.

- [NEW] - TV Shows - The posters show an orange label with the number of unwatched episodes.

- [NEW] - Filter selection - Added option to select "By Folder".

- [NEW] - Filter selection - Added option to search with IME input.

- [NEW] - Listview - Can now handle mixed content like Folders and Single items.

- [NEW] - Music is now supported.

- [NEW] - Photos are now supported.

- [NEW] - Channel Directory supported. This is used for maintenance on Channels.

- [NEW] - Video channels are now supported. (with limitations)

- [NEW] - Music channels are now supported. (with limitations)

- [NEW] - Photo channels are now supported. (with limitations)

- [NEW] - Connecting to our myPlex cloud service is now supported.

- [NEW] - Video Queue is now supported. (when logged into myPlex service)

- [NEW] - Friend Recommendations is now supported. (when logged into myPlex service)

- [NEW] - Shared Content is now supported. (when logged into myPlex service)

- [NEW] - YT3D enabled content can be viewed in 3D if the device supports it.


v 0.987 - 2012-11-15
- [FIXED] - Player - App could get stuck in deadlock state. FF/RW will no longer switch direction instantly but will now act like +/-
- [FIXED] - Preferences - Plex Media Server could not be detected when there were too many invalid servers in the list
- [FIXED] - Main - Background images would not always update to match the correct section
- [UPDATED] - Player - FF and RW are now limited to 16X speed because some older models can not handle 32X correctly
- [NEW] - Preferences - Added option to disable all menu animations and fade effects to help speed up slow devices
- [UPDATED] - ALL - Scrolling text would fade on irregular intervals

v 0.986 - 2012-10-28 (not released to public)
- [FIXED] - Player - Problem with pause mode when pause was pushed before the movie started on 2012 models
- [FIXED] - Player - App could get stuck in deadlock state on pressing FW/RW keys repeatedly
- [FIXED] - Main - Smart Hub key did not work correctly on some models
- [UPDATED] - Preferences - Better server online/offline detection

v 0.985 - 2012-10-14 (not released to public)
- [UPDATED] - Preferences - Long server names did wrap around instead of being abbreviated
- [UPDATED] - Preferences - Server online/offline indicators are now updating realtime
- [FIXED] - Preferences - Exit and Return keys did not work correctly during auto search for servers
- [FIXED] - Player - Buttons could stop working after watching for an extended period of time
- [FIXED] - Main - Long server names are now abbreviated
- [FIXED] - Main - Setting a movie Watched/Unwatched did not work correctly
- [FIXED] - TV Show - Theme would not always play, even though a theme was present

v 0.984 - 2012-10-06 (not released to public)
- [UPDATED] - Preferences - Long Korean server names would still overflow the box
- [FIXED] - Preferences - Subtitle settings did not stick
- [FIXED] - Preferences - Main menu corruption when no PMS server was present
- [FIXED] - Preferences - The same server could be added multiple times
- [FIXED] - Player - Jumpforward/Backward would close the player on movies with bad timeframes
- [FIXED] - Player - Focus could move to the background when a popup was shown
- [FIXED] - Player - Loading animation was sometimes displayed when the movie was already playing
- [FIXED] - General - Mute symbol and Volume control could both be visible at the same time
- [FIXED] - General - Pushing buttons inbetween pageloads would cause the app to close

v 0.983 - 2012-09-20 (not released to public)
- [FIXED] - Preferences - Black screen on 2012 models if no servers were available
- [FIXED] - Preferences - Blue button for dot input didn't work on edit PMS
- [FIXED] - Preferences - Long server names would overflow the box
- [FIXED] - Preferences - Clock Adjust Feature would accept invalid values
- [FIXED] - Preferences - Setting subtitle fontsize changed the position on screen
- [UPDATED] - Player - JumpForward and Backward do now have a pointer, so not every step will trigger loading

v 0.982 - 2012-09-05 (not released to public)
- [FIXED] - Player - some parts from subtitles were not shown
- [UPDATED] - All - disabled that you can enable media deletion on your PMS from the app
- [UDPATED] - Player - set default buffer to 10 / 40 / 50
- [UPDATED] - Preferences - when you add manually/edit a PMS, app checks if the PMS is reachable. Shows a picture as indication what the status is.
- [NEW] - Preferences - adjust the clock (up to -12/+12)
- [NEW] - Preferences - enable / disable that files will get transcoded on the PMS and then played


v 0.981 - 2012-07-23

- [FIXED] - SubSection View - style problem in contentRating when there is no data in it

- [FIXED] - Episode View - shows the wrong content rating picture in recentlyAdded, recentlyAired, recentlyViewedEpisodes, onDeck

- [FIXED] - Player - RED button didn't work as it should (since 0.980)

- [FIXED] - Player - Player status could be wrong displayed when you jump Forward/Backward while video is paused

- [UPDATED] - Movie, TV Show View - show a blank texture where no cover is loaded

- [UPDATED] - Home View - scrolling should be faster

- [UPDATED] - Player - shows an info text while parsing the subtitles

- [UPDATED] - Player - Subtitles will start from the bottom

- [UPDATED] - Player - workaround if resume doesn't work correctly

- [NEW] - Movie, TV Show View - use UP (previous page) or DOWN (next page) button on your remote to jump to the next/previous page. This works only if you have more than 7 entries in your section. The navigation helpbar indicates if UP and DOWN are available.

- [NEW] - Movie View - added pictures for video resolution, video codec, video aspect ratio, video framerate, audio codec, audio channels, rating and content rating

- [NEW] - TV Show View - added picture for rating and content rating

- [NEW] - Episode View - added pictures for video resolution, video codec, video aspect ratio, video framerate, audio codec, audio channels, rating


v 0.980 - 2012-07-15 (not released to public)

- [FIXED] - Home View - style error if Movie Name was too long

- [FIXED] - Player - style error in the OSD if Movie Name was too long

- [FIXED] - Player - disabled 3D capability check for connected TV because API doesn't work correctly (BD-Players only)

- [FIXED] - Player - if changing audio stream didn't work it showed the wrong audio stream name in rightOSD

- [FIXED] - Player - if you changed subtitle preferences while playing a movie and didn't save them then they were still shown for the next movie but not used

- [FIXED] - Movie, Show View - saving the current position didn't work correctly if you had more than 1 section of each type (Movies, TV-Shows)

- [UPDATED] - Player - Added black shadow line to subtitles

- [UPDATED] - Player - showing a little info popup when you change SUBTITLES or AUDIO with the remote buttons

- [UPDATED] - Player - when you change subtitles with the SUBTITLES button after the last subtitle it will disable the subtitles

- [NEW] - Player - added support for movies which are splitted into multiple part files

- [KNOWN BUG] - Movie, TV Show View - RED button (Autoplay) doesn't work, rly sry about that, will be fixed in 0.981


v 0.975 - 2012-07-09

- [FIXED] - Player - showing anamorphic encoded content correctly

- [FIXED] - Home View - Video Name could overlap time/duration


v 0.974 - 2012-07-02

- [FIXED] - Home View - possible that the focus was on two entries at the same time


v - 2012-06-18 (not released to public)

- [FIXED] - Subsection, Preferences View - TOOLS button didn't work on TVs

- [FIXED] - Player - sometimes a video was set as watched but didn't start playing

- [FIXED] - Player - possible bug that you couldn't play 3D content on 3D monitors

- [FIXED] - Movie View - sometimes the navigation hang for 2010 Models

- [UPDATED] - Subsection View - navigation should be a bit faster


v - 2012-06-04

- [FIXED] - Subsection View - when you entered in the top entry of a subsection and came back it didn't select the correct one

- [FIXED] - Movie View - didn't show the white circle for unwatched/inprogress if you had only 1 movie

- [FIXED] - Movie,Show View - style errors

- [FIXED] - Player - Couldn't watched anything from Unwatched subsection

- [FIXED] - Player - pause video and show error message when Fast-Forward, Fast-Rewind doesn't work

- [FIXED] - Player - some content was not set correctly as watched when it was done

- [UPDATED] - ALL - removed TOOLS button for BD-Player devices

- [UPDATED] - ALL - better handling of button activity

- [NEW] - Player - shows the time which is left for the video in the OSD

- [NEW] - Player - current time will be shown while playing content in the BD-Player HUD

- [NEW] - Player - showing the loading pic while buffering


v - 2012-05-08 (not released to public)

- [FIXED] - ALL Samsung issues

- [FIXED] - ALL - toogle to toggle

- [FIXED] - Player - if video was paused and you jumped Forward, video automatically started playing and after 60sec screensaver turned up (only C-Series)

- [FIXED] - Player - Video name could overlap in the OSD

- [FIXED] - Home View - if you have two or more movie sections it was possible that you see some movies in the wrong section


v 0.9.7 - 2012-04-22 (not released to public)

- [FIXED] - ALL Samsung issues

- [FIXED] - ALL - 2010 models don't support the opacity CSS feature. Textures have been added with transparency effect instead of using the opacity effect.

- [FIXED] - ALL - changed behavior of the EXIT button (only for Samsung)

- [FIXED] - ALL - xml parser error for 2012 models

- [FIXED] - ALL - Mute (button) behavior

- [FIXED] - Home View - if you have a category with no content in it and pushed RIGHT ARROW on your remote app would hang

- [FIXED] - Home View - if saw only recentlyAdded content and then set something in Progress so you saw also onDeck and then selected another section which has no onDeck you could see the content information from the before selected content

- [FIXED] - Movie View - if your Movie has no cover we will show the default Plex cover instead of nothing

- [FIXED] - Season View - if your Season has no cover we will show the default Plex cover instead of nothing

- [FIXED] - Player - possibility that the 2nd or more video you play was shown with wrong AR

- [FIXED] - Player - video was set as watched even when the device didn't play the video

- [FIXED] - Player - workaround for files where Samsung API gets wrong duration; Jump Forward won't work from a certained point because I disabled it, if I wouldn't disabled it it would stop the video; resume doesn't work correctly

- [FIXED] - Preferences - add, edit PMS, ... didn't work as designed

- [UPDATED] - Home View - added white circles to indicate if video is Unwatched/inProgress

- [UPDATED] - Home View - not selected row will be darkened

- [UPDATED] - Player - playing .iso files might work (only D-Series), it will play the whole movie because of the workaround above. Problems with Jump FF and Resume are the same; there are also problems with the correct AR, use the stretch function in the new OSD (no support if .iso doesn't work)

- [UPDATED] - Player - using SEF Player for 2011 models which enables Audio change for 2011+ models

- [UPDATED] - Player - GREEN button for stretch Video is now in rightOSD under name "Crop black bars form Video"

- [UPDATED] - Player - if video is paused and you "Crop black bars form Video", video will stay as paused

- [UPDATED] - Movies / Episodes - better respond if media deletion worked, if media deletion is disabled you can enable it from the client now

- [UPDATED] - Preferences - updated UI for new settings

- [NEW] - Home View - when you start the app the first time it will search for PMS in your Network

- [NEW] - Home View - with the INFO key you can your video as watched/unwatched

- [NEW] - Home View - in the top right corner you see the hostname from your PMS

- [NEW] - SubSection - saves now which filter you used. e.g. you choose Genre/Action for movies. Come back from the Movie View and you will be at Genre/Action.

- [NEW] - Movie View - added Autoplay feature

- [NEW] - Player - Subtitles support for external .srt files (you don't have to convert your subs to UTF-8, we do it for you ;-)

- [NEW] - Player - reincluded the Render Error event but checking now if it's true and showing you what wrong is

- [NEW] - Player - new OSD (Audio & Subtitle Settings), enable it while watching content with the GREEN button on your remote

- [NEW] - Player - new OSD, there you can change/edit Audio Track (2011+ devices), enable subtitles, change subtitles, font size, color, position, offset

- [NEW] - Player - new OSD, there you can jump to a specific time in your video

- [NEW] - Preferences - enable / disable the automatically change of the audio ouput format (DTS, AC3, PCM)

- [NEW] - Preferences - enable / disable that the App sends his logdata to your PMS log

- [NEW] - Preferences - change font size for subtitles

- [NEW] - Preferences - change color for subtitles

- [NEW] - Preferences - enable / disable that subtitles will always be shown

- [NEW] - Preferences - change the time format 12h or 24h

- [NEW] - Preferences - when you add a PMS you can choose between manually and Autodiscover which takes around 30seconds

- [NEW] - Preferences - About Plex tab for additional information

- [NEW] - All - SmartHub / Internet@TV button exits the app


v 0.9.6 - 2012-03-27 (not released to public)

- [FIXED] - Preferences - if you had only configured one PMS IP Address and you edited it, it wasn't set automatically as default

- [FIXED] - Home View - when the app can't connect to PMS and you go into Preferences the upper sections didn't disappear

- [FIXED] - Player - Aspect Ratio problem (thanks to DarkJeJo)

- [FIXED] - ALL - minor UI errors

- [FIXED] - Movie View - the view wasn't correctly updated when you set a movie as watched in the unwatched section, same problem when you watched a movie in the recently viewed section

- [FIXED] - Season View - If TV Show has no summary then you couldn't enter the TV Show just got a blank screen.

- [FIXED] - Episode View - Autoplay didn't work correctly when you were in the unwatched subsection (jumped over one episode)

- [FIXED] - ALL - Clock was wrong displayed on some devices

- [UPDATED] - ALL - Action Window

- [UPDATED] - ALL - Navigation Helpbar

- [UPDATED] - Movie View - style that the Navigation Helpbar can fit in

- [NEW] - ALL  - added support for the VOLUME controls on the TV-PANEL

- [NEW] - Movie View - when you return into the section it will focus the same movie as you left

- [NEW] - Movie View - you can delete movies now

- [NEW] - Home, Movie, Show View - added loading texture

- [NEW] - CatSection, Season, Episode View - added vertical scrollbar


v - 2012-01-15

- [UPDATED] - Player - disabled the render error event


v - 2012-01-10

- [FIXED] - Preferences - button D and LEFT arrow on remote didn't work


v - 2012-01-09

- [FIXED] - OSD minor style issue

- [FIXED] - all - lots of UI and button handling errors with the popups

- [FIXED] - Movie / TV Show - some Studio pictures were too big

- [UPDATED] - Player - popup message if there is a network problem or if the file can't be found


v - 2011-11-14

- [FIXED] - Home View - minor bugs

- [FIXED] - Player - 3D was broken for C-Serie

- [FIXED] - Movie View - you were stuck, if you choose a subsection with no movies in it

- [UPDATED] - ALL - cleanup include files -> switching between views is a little bit faster now


v - 2011-11-13

- [FIXED] - Player - couldn't stretch all content (GREEN button)


v - 2011-11-13

- [FIXED] - Player - resume problem

- [FIXED] - Player - some people had problems with the loading pic, this should be fixed now


v - 2011-11-09

- [FIXED] - Audio - couldn't change the volume with the TV remote if you output the sound via HDMI (you won't see the Volume OSD because of the Volume Control policy by Samsung)

- [FIXED] - Player - TOOLS button didn't work properly if you were watching something

- [FIXED] - Episode View - style problem with too long Episode Names

- [NEW] - Player - automatically change into 3D mode, that this works you have to name your movie file correct it has to include H-SBS / Half-SBS for Side-By-Side content or H-TAB / Half-TAB for Top-And-Bottom content. This is not case sensitive.


v 0.9.5 - 2011-10-30

- [NEW] - complete redesign of the app

- [NEW] - Show View - set TV Show unwatched/watched

- [UPDATED] - Player - if you stretched the video to 16:9 you can restretch it back to 4:3

- [UPDATED] - Home View - confirm popup if you want to exit the application with RETURN button

- [UPDATED] - SubSection View - more filters to choose

- [UPDATED] - All Views - if you push the TOOLS button then you can choose between Picture and Audio Settings


v - 2011-10-30

- [FIXED] - Season View - some Summaries had two squares in it

- [FIXED] - Season View - if the Season doesn't have a poster it showed nothing, now it will show the poster from the TV-Show


v - 2011-09-19

- [FIXED] - Setting - if you pushed RETURN while the popup for Adding a new PMS was open it closed the whole PMS Setting section

- [FIXED] - Home View - Categorie name was wrong display when it has an apostrophe in the name

- [NEW] - Player - progress from movie/episode will be saved every 20sec

- [UPDATED] - Setting - deleted Styles and Transcoding option, they were just placeholders

- [UPDATED] - OSD - added green button for stretching movie to 16:9


v - 2011-09-05

- [FIXED] - Movie View - C-Serie BD-Players couldn't play movies

- [FIXED] - Home View - if the app couldn't connect to your PMS there were no navigation items such as SETTINGS and EXIT 


v - 2011-08-28

- [FIXED] - Movie View - if you resumed a movie and completed it and opened the details popup for another movie which is in progress the "Resume From" button was highlighted

- [FIXED] - Movie/Episode View - the summary didn't scroll correctly and was too fast if you had a long summary

- [FIXED] - Movie View - details popup had wrong information if the movie had not all information

- [UPDATED] - Movie View - details popup added IMDb rating

- [NEW] - Player - for stretching movie/episode to 16:9 push the GREEN button on the remote while the movie is playing. Good for those anamorphic encoded content.

- [NEW] - Home View - your position will be saved



v - 2011-08-24

- [FIXED] - TV-Show View - if your show didn't have a cover you couldn't go into the season view

- [UPDATED] - Movie View - the not focused covers are brighter now for better seeing


v - 2011-08-22

- [FIXED] - Movie View - style error on the buttons (C-Serie only)

- [FIXED] - Movie View - if you resumed a movie and completed it no button was focused

- [FIXED] - Player - some 4:3 movie/tv-shows were shown with wrong AR

- [FIXED] - Movie View - if you have less than 24 movies you saw no covers

- [UPDATED] - Player - improved the buffer, content up to 30mbit/s should work flawless if it's on the same machine as PMS is running

- [UPDATED] - Player - added 16x and 32x FastForward and Rewind option


v 0.9.4 2011-08-20

- [FIXED] - Season View - Season description will be scrolled now if its too long

- [FIXED] - Episode View - Episode description will be scrolled now if its too long

- [UPDATED] - Season View - Season description font is bigger now, so it's probably better to read

- [UPDATED] - Episode View - Episode description font is bigger now, so it's probably better to read

- [NEW] - Movie View - new details page where you find additional information about the movie such as Summary, Cast, Runtime,...

- [NEW] - Movie View - on the new details page you can set the movie as watched or unwatched

- [NEW] - Setting - configure how much seconds the video jumps when you push LEFT or RIGHT


v - 2011-08-17

- [FIXED] - Player - some SD movie/tv-shows which are 16:9 were shown in 4:3


v - 2011-08-17

- [FIXED] - Player - 4:3 video content were stretched to 16:9

- [FIXED] - Player - the AR wasn't set correct immediately for Episodes

- [UPDATED] - Player - deleted the 16x, 32x, 64x FastForward and Rewind option because it was not faster than 8x 


v - 2011-08-17

- [FIXED] - Episode View - when you jump from the first to the last one, the next to last one had wrong progress picture

- [FIXED] - Movie View - if you had more than 100 and less than 200 movies it displayed only 100 


v - 2011-07-26

- [FIXED] - Episode View - when you deleted an Episode the PopUp didn't go away (C-Serie only)

- [UPDATED] - Episode View - TV-Show name will be set before the Episode Name (Recently ... Subsections)


v - 2011-07-26

- [FIXED] - Setting View - picture of buttons where missing in the PopUp when you add a PMS

- [UPDATED] - Player - when you are watching an Episode and hit the RED button the OSD will come up. So you see if it changed the autoplay state 


v 0.9.3 - 2011-07-26

- [FIXED] - Movie Player - if movie name was too long it got into the year

- [UPDATED] Episode View - position of autoplay button

- [UPDATED] Setting View - Style, better UI

- [NEW] - Season View - when you go back from Episode View to Season View it will select the correct season

- [NEW] - Show View - it will remember which show was selected when you left, it saves it for every different subsection except the Recently... subsections

- [NEW] - Episode View - delete Episode from HDD (Plex is required) (only D-Serie) 


v - 2011-07-23

- [FIXED] - Episode - auto change for Audio Format didn't work

- [FIXED] - Player - style error if autoplay reached the last episode

- [FIXED] - Episode View - when you set an episode as unwatched there were some style errors because of the new Plex update

- [FIXED] - Season View - when you set a season as unwatched there were some style errors

- [UDPATED] - Player - the AR will be set correctly immediately when you start the movie/episode (Plex is required) 


v - 2011-07-10

- [FIXED] - Home View - if you hit return the subsection opened 


v 0.9.2 - 2011-07-10

- [FIXED] - Season View - if you have more than 4 seasons and you pushed up the selected season had no white text color

- [FIXED] - Player - if you pushed multiple times the jump forward/rewind (60sec) button then the OSD slided down even when you still pushed the button

- [NEW] - Episode View - autoplay your episodes (it won't ignore your saved progress)

- [UPDATED] - Show View - style

- [UPDATED] - Episode View - style

- [UPDATED] - Home View - more subsections


v - 2011-07-07

- [FIXED] - Player - if you watched a whole episode/movie you couldn't watch the next one, had to stop and restart

- [FIXED] - Episode View - list view error


v - 2011-07-04

- [FIXED] - Episode View - if you watched a whole episode you couldn't watch the next one, had to stop and restart


v 0.9.1 - 2011-07-04

- [FIXED] - after you stopped a movie the data wasn't updated immediately


v 0.9 - 2011-07-04

- [FIXED] - Setting - after a fresh install couldn't save PMS

The app looks (almost) and works now on all device the same way


v 0.8.18 - 2011-07-03 (D-Serie)

- [FIXED] - Season View - if you have more than 4 seasons and you pushed down the selected season had no white text color 


v 0.8.17 - 2011-07-03

- [FIXED] - Episode View - if you watched a whole episode you couldn't watch the next one, had to stop and restart

- [UPDATED] - Player - if you pause the movie/episode screensaver will go on after 60sec


v 0.8.16 - 2011-07-02

- [FIXED] - Movie View - selection error if you have less than 24 movies

- [FIXED] - Show View - when you entered the show view you could see the wood background picture

- [FIXED] - Home View - style error in the subsection menu

- [NEW] - Setting - you can disabled the theme music (D-Serie only)

- [NEW] - Setting - you can add up to 7 PMS (D-Serie only)

- [UPDATED] - Settings View - updated UI (D-Serie only)

- [UPDATED] - Player - true fastForward and fastBackward

- [UPDATED] - Season View - episodes count on the left

- [UDPATED] - Movie View - Litte bit new style


v 0.8.15 - 2011-06-24

- [FIXED] - Movie View - loading big movie library was very slow

- [FIXED] - Movie View - movie data were not updated immediately after movie stop


v 0.8.14 - 2011-06-20

- [FIXED] - Show View - thumbs weren't preloaded

- [UPDATED] - Season/Episode View - you can close the set as watched/unwatched dialog with the INFO KEY

- [UPDATED] - Movie/Episode View -  changed colors and size of the information in the osd


v 0.8.12 - 2011-06-19

- [FIXED] - Season View - when you are in the season view via the subsection unwatched and you set the last season to watched then the site was wrong displayed

- [NEW] - Volume UI


v 0.8.11 - 2011-06-19

- [FIXED] - Home View - non default background arts were not shown 

- [FIXED] - disabled Screensaver while watching a video // (hopefully the last time)

- [FIXED] - Season View - watched and unwatched count wasn't updated for each season

- [FIXED] - if movie/episode was paused and you hit RETURN video file wasn't stopped, so no progress were saved

- [FIXED] - Episode View - style error with the resume popup

- [FIXED] - Episode View - if you had only one episode in your season the blue button wasn't correctly updated after you watched an episode

- [NEW] - Episode View - Duration from the episode above the description

- [NEW] - Episode View - with the INFO KEY you can set an episode as watched or unwatched

- [NEW] - Season View - with the INFO KEY you can set whole Season as watched or unwatched

- [UPDATED] - set the forward and backward button to 60sec

- [UPDATED] - Show View - studio picture in the left bottom corner


v 0.8.10 - 2011-06-15

- [FIXED] - Home View for C-Serie TV's


v 0.8.9 - 2011-06-14

- [FIXED] - if OSD is on and movie is stopped it will slide down

- [FIXED] - now all episodes / movies should get flaged as watched when they are at the end


v 0.8.6 - 2011-06-13

- [FIXED] - Volume buttons should work after you opened the Tools

- [FIXED] - auto Audio (AC3 or DTS) slection didn't work for movies

- [FIXED] - Episode View - Show name was wrong display when it has an apostrophe in the name


v 0.8.5 - 2011-06-13

- [FIXED] - Show View - Posters where to big so content was missing

- [FIXED] - Volume control should work now with C-Serie

- [NEW] - Info OSD when playing a video (INFO KEY on remote)

- [UPDATED] Home View - new layout

- [UPDATED] Season View - changed style from poster, changed animation

- [UPDATED] Episode View - changed animation

- [UPDATED] Theme music is not stopping when you go from Season View to Episode View


v 0.8.4 - 2011-06-10

- [FIXED] Episode View - wrong selection in the resume window

- [NEW] Volume buttons are working now with OSD if you are using the TV speakers

- [UPDATED] Setting View - deleted the TTX/MIX button for the dot, added the BLUE button for the dot  


v 0.8.3 - 2011-06-09

- [FIXED] Episode View - episode didn't start, just got black screen, had to stop and start again episode
- [FIXED] Episode View - tiny style error

- [FIXED] Episode View - when the theme music was done it set the first episode of this season in progress. So it may overwrote your saved timestamp

- [FIXED] could be with some (maybe all) episodes that when you watched them they are not set as watched in PMS just as in progress

- [UPDATED] when you watched/stopped an episode the episode list will be updated immediately

- [UPDATED] Show View (thx to slavedater)


v 0.8.2 - 2011-06-08

- [FIXED] disabled screensaver for watching episodes

- [FIXED] all subsections (unwatched, Recently Added, ...) are working now for TV-Shows and Movies

- [NEW] playing show theme

- [NEW] Settings page - when typing the IP you can use as dot now the TTX/MIX button on your remote (so people with a BD-Player can now add the IP) 

- [UPDATE] Episode View - shows now the Show Name on the right side 


v 0.8.1 - 2011-06-07

- [FIXED] TV-Show name was wrong display when it has an apostrophe in the name

- [FIXED] TV-Show name was cut short when it was too long

- [FIXED] If you have a Music section it won't be shown anymore because Music is not support at the moment

- [FIXED] Some episodes have a very long name because of that it was cut short

- [FIXED] Show view was messed up if you had less than 4 TV-Shows

- [FIXED] Episode View - if you doesn't click anything on your remote for some minutes and then click up or down the selection is wrong

- [UPDATED] Episode View - when the episode is unwatched or started watching changed the letter B and U to a picture


v 0.8 - 2011-06-06

- [NEW] TV-Show site

- [NEW] Season site

- [NEW] Episode site


v 0.7.1 - 2011-05-31

- [NEW] subsection popup for movies: All, Unwatched, Recently Released, Recently Added, Recently Viewed

- [UPDATED] buttons at setting site and icon


v 0.7 - 2011-05-29

- [FIXED] Power button didn't work anymore

- [UPDATED] new look for start site and settings site and icon


v 0.6.2 - 2001-05-28

- [NEW] disabled screensaver in the widget

- [NEW] with the Tools Key on the remote you can open the picture settings menu


v 0.6.1 - 2011-05-28

- [FIXED] when movie was paused and you wanted to resume it, it didn't work correctly

- [FIXED] movie view when you had less than 24 movies

- [NEW] when movie is paused and you hit pause again movie resumes playing


v 0.6 - 2011-05-28

- [NEW] detecting which sound codec the movie file has and automaticly changinig it in the TV Audio Settings (DTS -> DTS; AC3,EAC3 -> DOLBY; other -> PCM)

- [NEW] exit the app with the EXIT Key on the TV remote

- [NEW] video stops when its at the end and you return back to your overview

- [NEW] if you watched the whole movie it will set as watched in your PMS

- [NEW] if you stop the movie it is saving the timestamp and you can resume at this point later

- [UPDATED] poster view


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